Eric Reusser: Courses in Autumn Semester 2016

Name Dr. Eric Reusser
Breitigasse 48
8610 Uster
Award: The Golden Owl
DepartmentEarth Sciences

651-0048-00LElectron Microprobe Course Restricted registration - show details 3 credits4G
651-0048-00 GElectron Microprobe Course Special students and auditors need a special permission from the lecturers.
Permission from lecturers required for all students.
Block course from January 19-26, 2017
56s hrs
19.01.08-17NO C 6 »
20.01.08-17NO C 6 »
23.01.08-17NO E 51.1 »
24.01.08-17NO E 51.1 »
25.01.08-17NO E 51.1 »
26.01.08-17NO E 51.1 »
E. Reusser
651-3301-00LCrystals and Minerals4 credits2V + 1.5U
651-3301-00 VKristalle und Mineralien2 hrs
Thu15-17NO C 60 »
P. Brack, E. Reusser
651-3301-00 UKristalle und Mineralien
Die Übungen finden in Gruppen statt:
8-10 für BSc Erdwissenschaften im ersten Semester
10-12 nur für BSc Erdsystemwissenschaften UZH
13-15 für BSc Erdwissenschaften im dritten Semester
1.5 hrs
Fri08-10NO D 1 »
08-10NO D 69 »
10-12NO D 1 »
13-15NO D 1 »
13-15NO E 11 »
P. Brack, E. Reusser
651-4028-00LPhysical Properties of Minerals3 credits2G
651-4028-00 GPhysical Properties of Minerals26s hrs
Mon/110-12NO D 69 »
Tue/113-15NO D 69 »
E. Reusser
651-4055-00LAnalytical Methods in Petrology and Geology3 credits2G
651-4055-00 GAnalytical Methods in Petrology and Geology
Introductory lecture in NO E11 in the first week of the semester followed by lab exercises in different labs (NO building) during the first half of the semester.
28s hrs
Thu13-17NO »
22.09.13-17NO E 11 »
E. Reusser, S. Bernasconi, L. Zehnder