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Massimo Morbidelli: Course units in Autumn Semester 2016

Name Prof. Dr. Massimo Morbidelli
FieldChemische Reaktionstechnik
Inst. f. Chemie- u. Bioing.wiss.
ETH Zürich, HCI F 129
Vladimir-Prelog-Weg 1-5/10
8093 Zürich
Award: The Golden Owl
DepartmentChemistry and Applied Biosciences
RelationshipProfessor Emeritus

529-0030-00LLaboratory Course: Elementary Chemical Techniques3 credits6PN. Kobert, M. Morbidelli, M. H. Schroth, B. Wehrli
529-0072-00LChemical Process Technology1 credit2SM. Morbidelli
529-0615-00LPolymerization Reaction and Colloid Engineering7 credits3GM. Morbidelli, P. Arosio
529-0632-00LHomogeneous Reaction Engineering4 credits3GM. Morbidelli, T. Casalini
529-0637-00LChemical Engineering Laboratory II Restricted registration - show details 8 credits8PM. Morbidelli, K. Hungerbühler, N. Kobert, F. C. I. Meemken
529-0639-01LChemical Engineering Laboratory I6 credits8PM. Morbidelli, N. Kobert