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Wilhelm Gruissem: Course units in Spring Semester 2015

Name Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Gruissem
FieldPlant Biotechnology
Professur Pflanzenbiotechnologie
ETH Zürich, LFW E 18
Universitätstrasse 2
8092 Zürich
Telephone+41 44 632 08 57
Fax+41 44 632 10 79
RelationshipFull Professor

551-0002-AALGeneral Biology II
Enrolment only for MSc students who need this course as additional requirement.
3 credits6RU. Sauer, R. Aebersold, H.‑M. Fischer, W. Gruissem
551-0002-00LGeneral Biology II3 credits3GU. Sauer, R. Aebersold, H.‑M. Fischer, W. Gruissem
551-0108-AALFundamentals of Biology II: Plant Biology
Enrolment only for MSc students who need this course as additional requirement.
2 credits2RW. Gruissem
551-0108-00LFundamentals of Biology II: Plant Biology2 credits2VW. Gruissem, O. Voinnet, S. C. Zeeman
551-0963-00LSpecialized Biology Course with an Educational Focus: Teaching Diploma Information Restricted registration - show details 12 credits26AE. Hafen, J. Egli, W. Gruissem, H.‑J. Zopfi, M. Zwicky
701-0252-00LMolecular Biology Information 2 credits2GW. Gruissem, J. Fütterer
760-2210-00LColloquium in Plant Science
Does not take place this semester.
0 credits1KW. Gruissem, N. Buchmann, C. De Moraes, E. Frossard, B. Studer, O. Voinnet, A. Walter, S. C. Zeeman