From 2 November 2020, the autumn semester 2020 will take place online. Exceptions: Courses that can only be carried out with on-site presence.
Please note the information provided by the lecturers via e-mail.

Manfred Kopf: Courses in Spring Semester 2019

Name Prof. Dr. Manfred Kopf
FieldMolekulare Biomedizin
Inst. f. Molecular Health Sciences
ETH Zürich, HPL G 12
Otto-Stern-Weg 7
8093 Zürich
Telephone+41 44 633 64 70
Fax+41 44 633 13 50
RelationshipFull Professor

376-0152-00LAnatomy and Physiology II Information 5 credits4V
376-0152-00 VAnatomie und Physiologie II4 hrs
Wed10-12HCI G 7 »
Thu08-10HG F 3 »
M. Ristow, K. De Bock, M. Kopf, L. Slomianka, C. Spengler
376-0209-00LMolecular Disease Mechanisms6 credits4V
376-0209-00 VMolecular Disease Mechanisms4 hrs
Mon13-15HPV G 4 »
Tue10-12HPV G 4 »
C. Wolfrum, H. Gahlon, M. Kopf
551-0102-01LFundamentals of Biology I Information Restricted registration - show details
Registrations via myStudies until 30.1.2019 at the latest. Subsequent registrations will not be considered.
6 credits8P
551-0102-01 PGrundlagen der Biologie I
Groups are selected in myStudies.
Das Praktikum wird durch alle Professoren des Departements Biologie unterstützt und durchgeführt.
8 hrs
Thu08-11HPL D 32 »
08-11HPL D 34 »
08-12LFV B 42.2 »
08-17HCI E 374 »
08-17HCI E 378 »
08-17HCI E 392 »
08-17HCI E 396 »
08-17LFW E 11 »
08-17LFW E 15 »
28.02.08-10LFW B 1 »
12-13LFW B 1 »
13-17IFW A 32.1 »
17-18LFW B 1 »
21.03.08-10LFW B 1 »
12-13ML H 37.1 »
13-17ML H 37.1 »
17-18ML H 37.1 »
11.04.08-10LFW B 1 »
12-13LFW B 1 »
13-17HG D 7.2 »
17-18HG D 7.2 »
16.05.08-10LFW B 1 »
12-13ML H 37.1 »
13-17ML H 37.1 »
17-18ML H 37.1 »
M. Gstaiger, T. A. Beyer, M. Gstaiger, M. Kopf, R. Kroschewski, M. Künzler, D. Ramseier, M. Stoffel, E. B. Truernit, A. Wutz
551-0318-00LImmunology II3 credits2V
551-0318-00 VImmunology II2 hrs
Tue08-10HCI J 3 »
A. Oxenius, M. Kopf, S. R. Leibundgut, E. Wetter Slack, further lecturers
551-0396-01LImmunology I Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 30.

Prerequisites: Attendance of the concept courses Immunology I (551-0317-00L) and Immunology II (551-0318-00L)

The enrolment is done by the D-BIOL study administration.
6 credits7G
551-0396-01 GImmunology I
Permission from lecturers required for all students.
Block course in the semester break.
Place: practicals room HCI D394/96
100s hrsA. Oxenius, B. Becher, M. Groettrup, M. Kopf, B. Ludewig, C. Münz, R. Spörri, M. van den Broek
551-0509-00LCurrent Immunological Research in Zürich0 credits1K
551-0509-00 KCurrent Immunological Research in Zurich12s hrs
10.01.16-18HCI G 7 »
07.03.16-18HCI G 7 »
02.05.16-18HCI G 7 »
04.07.16-18HCI G 7 »
10.09.16-18HCI G 7 »
R. Spörri, M. Detmar, C. Halin Winter, W.‑D. Hardt, M. Kopf, S. R. Leibundgut, A. Oxenius, University lecturers
551-1100-00LInfectious Agents: From Molecular Biology to Disease
Number of participants limited to 22.
Requires application until 2 weeks before the start of the semester; selected applicants will be notified one week before the first week of lectures.
(if you missed the deadline, please come to the first date to see, if there are any slots left)
4 credits2S
551-1100-00 SInfectious Agents: From Molecular Biology to Disease2 hrs
Fri10-12HCI D 2 »
W.‑D. Hardt, L. Eberl, U. F. Greber, A. B. Hehl, M. Kopf, S. R. Leibundgut, C. Münz, A. Oxenius, P. Sander
551-1118-00LCutting Edge Topics: Immunology and Infection Biology II Information 2 credits1S
551-1118-00 SCutting Edge Topics: Immunology and Infection Biology II
**together with University of Zurich**
1 hrs
Tue17-19HCI D 8 »
A. Oxenius, B. Becher, C. Halin Winter, N. C. Joller, M. Kopf, S. R. Leibundgut, C. Münz, F. Sallusto, R. Spörri, M. van den Broek, University lecturers