Autumn Semester 2020 takes place in a mixed form of online and classroom teaching.
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Michael Siegrist: Courses in Spring Semester 2015

Name Prof. Dr. Michael Siegrist
FieldConsumer Behavior
Institut für Umweltentscheidungen
ETH Zürich, CHN J 76.3
Universitätstrasse 16
8092 Zürich
Telephone+41 44 632 63 21
DepartmentHealth Sciences and Technology
RelationshipFull Professor

376-1178-00LHuman Factors II2 credits2V
376-1178-00 VHuman Factors II2 hrs
Tue13-15HG F 3 »
M. Menozzi Jäckli, R. Boutellier, R. Huang, M. Siegrist
701-0658-00LSeminar for Bachelor Students: Anthroposphere2 credits2S
701-0658-00 SSeminar für Bachelor-Studierende: Anthroposphäre2 hrs
Wed15-17HG E 33.5 »
K. T. Seeland, S. Engel, M. Siegrist
701-0721-AALPsychology Information
Enrolment only for MSc students who need this course as additional requirement.
3 credits6R
701-0721-AA RPsychology
Self-study course. No presence required.
Please contact Prof. Michael Siegrist for further information.
90s hrsM. Siegrist
701-1512-00LHES Systems 1 - Individual and Organizational Interactions with Environmental Systems3 credits2V
701-1512-00 VHES Systems 1 - Individual and Organizational Interactions with Environmental Systems2 hrs
Tue10-12HG F 26.3 »
O. van Vliet, A. Patt, K. T. Seeland, M. Siegrist
751-1000-00LInterdisciplinary Project Work Information Restricted registration - show details
Prerequisite: successful completion of the bachelor programme.
3 credits4U
751-1000-00 UInterdisziplinäre Projektarbeit Special students and auditors need a special permission from the lecturers.
Permission from lecturers required for all students.
Vorbereitung im Semester, Beginn: 26.2.2015, Durchführung extern vom 15. bis 19. Juni 2015
60s hrs
Thu12-15LFW C 5 »
B. Dorn, E. Frossard, L. Meile, H. Adelmann, N. Buchmann, C. De Moraes, P. A. Fischer, M. C. Härdi-Landerer, M. Kreuzer, U. Merz, S. Peter, M. Schuppler, M. Siegrist, J. Six, S. E. Ulbrich, A. Walter
752-2121-00LConsumer Behaviour II2 credits2G
752-2121-00 GConsumer Behaviour II2 hrs
Mon13-15LFW B 1 »
M. Siegrist, B. S. Sütterlin
752-2123-00LRisk Awareness, Risk Acceptance and Trust3 credits2V
752-2123-00 VRisk Awareness, Risk Acceptance and Trust2 hrs
Wed10-12CHN F 46 »
M. Siegrist