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Lars-Erik Cederman: Course units in Spring Semester 2016

Name Prof. Dr. Lars-Erik Cederman
FieldInternationale Konfliktforschung
Internationale Konfliktforschung
ETH Zürich, IFW D 49.2
Haldeneggsteig 4
8092 Zürich
Telephone+41 44 632 67 59
DepartmentHumanities, Social and Political Sciences
RelationshipFull Professor

364-1058-00LRisk Center Seminar Series Information Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 50.
0 credits2SB. Stojadinovic, K. W. Axhausen, D. Basin, A. Bommier, L.‑E. Cederman, P. Embrechts, H. Gersbach, H. R. Heinimann, D. Helbing, H. J. Herrmann, W. Mimra, G. Sansavini, F. Schweitzer, D. Sornette, B. Sudret, U. A. Weidmann
851-0587-00LCIS Colloquium Restricted registration - show details
This seminar is open for staff members based at the Center for Comparative and International Studies, CIS.
2 credits1KL.‑E. Cederman
853-0010-00LChallenges of Contemporary Conflicts (Conflict Research II)4 credits2V + 1UL.‑E. Cederman
857-0006-00LPolitical Order and Conflict Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 15.
Registration required at: MACIS students are given priority.
8 credits2SL.‑E. Cederman, P. Hunziker