Norman Sieroka: Catalogue data in Spring Semester 2018

Name PD Dr. Norman Sieroka
Professur für Philosophie
ETH Zürich, CLW C 1
Clausiusstrasse 49
8092 Zürich
DepartmentHumanities, Social and Political Sciences

511-0010-00LScientific Concepts and Methods Restricted registration - show details
Only for MSc Pharmaceutical Sciences.
2 credits3GE. Kut Bacs, V. I. Otto, N. Sieroka
AbstractThe module is an introductory course fostering critical thinking about scientific concepts and methods in the natural sciences, particularly in pharmaceutical and biomedical research.
• have the ability to explain and reflect upon core themes in philosophy of science and cutting edge methods that are relevant in modern pharmaceutical and biomedical research.
• are able to explain the role experiments, models, images, and quantifications play in the formation of a theory, and the constitution and illustration of a scientific fact.
• are able to actively engage in a critical discussion about scientific concepts, methods and approaches in the field of biomedical research and philosophy of science.
• are able to critically evaluate the basic scientific assumptions, concepts and approaches underlying their own research project.
• have learned how to “closely read” and analyse a scientific paper and are able to present their paper analysis to an audience that is not expert in the research field.
Prerequisites / NoticeThis course is part of the ETH "Critical Thinking" initiative.
851-0147-01LPhilosophical Reflections on Physics II
Particularly suitable for students of D-PHYS
3 credits2GN. Sieroka, M. Hampe, R. Wallny
AbstractAccompanying the lecture course "Physics II", this course critically evaluates topics and approaches from electrodynamics against a broader historical and philosophical/systematic background. Attention will be paid, amongst other things, to the role of experiments, to the concepts of matter and field, and to theory formation.
ObjectiveStudents should be able to critically evaluate different topics and approaches in physics, especially in the context of electrodynamics. They should also be enabled to communicate their insights to people from other disciplines and fields.
Prerequisites / NoticeThis course is part of the ETH "Critical Thinking" initiative.
862-0096-00LTheoretical Philosophy Work in Progress Seminar Restricted registration - show details
Does not take place this semester.
Only for History and Philosophy of Knowledge MSc and DGESS PhD students.
3 credits1SN. Sieroka
AbstractIn this course themes from theoretical philosophy are discussed which are of particular interest for current MAPGW students. Primary texts will be read together and the work in progress of the participants (essays, theses) will be presented and discussed.
ObjectiveThis course is aimed at MAPGW students who are particularly interested in theoretical philosophy. The seminar provides an opportunity to discuss and present one's own research. The participants learn to critically evaluate primary texts and improve their skills in presenting and discussing work in progress.