Autumn Semester 2020 takes place in a mixed form of online and classroom teaching.
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Christof Bigler: Course units in Autumn Semester 2018

Name Dr. Christof Bigler
Inst. f. Terrestrische Oekosysteme
ETH Zürich, CHN G 77
Universitätstrasse 16
8092 Zürich
Telephone+41 44 632 52 05
Fax+41 44 632 13 58
DepartmentEnvironmental Systems Science

701-0105-00LMathematics VI:Applied Statistics for Environmental Sciences
This course is mandatory for students for whom the study regulation 2016 is binding.

Requirement: successful completion of 401-0624-00L Mathematics IV: Statistics.

This course will be offered in autumn semester 2018 (for students who started in autumn 2016) and in spring semester 2019 (for students who started in autumn semester 2017).

This course will be offered in spring semester only starting with the study year 2019/20.
3 credits2GC. Bigler, M. Kalisch, L. Meier
701-1682-00LDendroecology3 credits3GC. Bigler, A. Rigling, K. Treydte