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Lorenz Bernhard Uebersax: Catalogue data in Autumn Semester 2016

Name Dr. Lorenz Bernhard Uebersax
Hädrichstrasse 15
8047 Zürich
Telephone079 472 67 34

327-0811-00LIndustrial Research and Development at the Interface of Biomaterials and Drug Delivery1 credit1VL. B. Uebersax, J. Goldhahn, F. Schlottig, R. Streicher
AbstractThis course will provide an up-to-date, comprehensive review of the industrial perspective at the interface of biomaterials and drugs. This covers regulatory, clinical, pre-clinical and manufacturing concepts. The presentations are provided in an effort to maximize the interaction of student and lecturer.
Objective- The student will be able to categorize a drug-biomaterial as a "drug" or a "material" from a regulatory perspective and can summarize general regulatory pathways for material/drug development.
- The student will be able to summarize the current concepts and challenges for the indstry at the material-drug interface.
- The student will actively develop innovative, industrial concepts at the drug-biomaterial interface.
ContentThis course will provide an up-to-date comprehensive review of the industrial perspective at the interface of biomaterials and drugs. General concepts related to regulatory affairs or such as cost-conscious planning of manufacturing processes will be covered by interactive case-studies and in close interaction between students and lecturers. The course covers the future at the biomaterial - implant interface - as it is seen by the industry today - and will be reviewed by experienced and long-standing faculty from industry with the aim to provide a balanced, insightful perspective. From that, clinical development concepts, regulatory pathways and real-life case studies will be discussed with the students. Finally the students - working in small groups of 4-5 - will outline a development pathway for an industrial project and present it to the course and in presence of all faculty to receive maximum feedback to their approaches.
The student will become familiar with the major elements required for a successful development and which challenges have to be taken into account to translate an idea into a successful product.