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Eva Youssef-Grob: Catalogue data in Spring Semester 2019

NameMs Eva Youssef-Grob
Bahnhofstrasse 267
8623 Wetzikon ZH
Telephone043 495 29 92
DepartmentHumanities, Social and Political Sciences

851-0105-01LCross-Cultural Competences Arab World Information 3 credits2VE.  Youssef-Grob
AbstractThis lecture will discuss important topics of the Arab culture involving different value systems, world-views, and paradigms pointing to possible areas of misunderstandings and conflict in an inter-cultural setting as well as approaches to deal with these issues.
ObjectiveThis lectures gives an insight into different areas of the Arab culture such as gender roles, significance of family and marriage, concepts of honor and hierarchy, the role of religion in everyday life, the concept of the evil eye, being guest or host, obligations in family and society, and others. The aim is to identify different value systems, world-views and paradigms that may cause problems in an cross-cultural setting as well as possible approaches to deal with these issues. Even though most of the topics concern the Arab region as whole, the lecture will focus on the Arab East (not the Maghreb), especially Egypt, Syria and the Gulf countries.
851-0862-00LArabic II (A1.2) Information Restricted registration - show details
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Course fee: CHF 80.00
3 credits4UE.  Youssef-Grob
AbstractThis course forms the second part (level A 1.2) of a five semesters' Arabic curriculum. It is open for students, PhD-students, and employees belonging to the university of Zurich or the ETH who have already some knowledge in the Arabic language and are able to read and write its script.
ObjectiveThe aim of this course is an extension of an elementary competence in speaking and listening comprehension of the Arabic language. Reading and writing the Arabic script will be further exercised and we are going through central topics of Arabic grammar. We have studied the first three lessons of textbook "Arabisch intensiv Grundstufe" in the first semester and will now turn to lessons four to seven.
ContentEingebettet in kommunikative Situationen werden folgende Inhalte erarbeitet, die sich vorwiegend auf typische Situationen bei einem Sprachaufenthalt beziehen: Gast sein / Gastgeber sein; seine persönliche Umwelt beschreiben (Stadt, Haus, Familie etc.), sich an einem Ort zurechtfinden, Informationen einholen, eine Wohnung mieten, einkaufen.
LiteratureArabisch Intensiv. Grundstufe. Landesspracheninstitut in der Ruhr-Universität Bochum; Buske Verlag (, 2011
851-0866-03LArabic: Egyptian Arabic
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Course fee: CHF 80.00
2 credits2UE.  Youssef-Grob
AbstractThis course is an introduction into the colloquial Arabic spoken in Cairo which is well understood in the whole Arab world. The main skills trained are oral expression and listening comprehension.
A good linguistic background in Standard Arabic (Fusha) is required.
ObjectiveThe educational objective comprehends linguistically and culturally adequate performances in communicative situations, as encountered typically when staying in an Arab country such as introducing oneself, talking about one's family and environment, to find one's way, to gather information, shopping, to eat out etc.