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Patrick Michael Stüdi: Catalogue data in Spring Semester 2015

Name Dr. Patrick Michael Stüdi
Saeumerstrasse 4
8803 Rüschlikon
DepartmentComputer Science

263-3501-00LAdvanced Computer Networks Information 5 credits2V + 2UT. Roscoe, P. M. Stüdi
AbstractThis course covers a set of advanced topics in computer networks. The focus is on principles, architectures, and protocols used in modern networked systems, such as the Internet itself, wireless and mobile networks, and large-scale peer-to-peer systems.
ObjectiveThe goals of the course is to build on basic networking course material in providing an understanding of the tradeoffs and existing technology in building large, complex networked systems, and provide concrete experience of the challenges through a series of lab exercises.
ContentThe focus of the course is on principles, architectures, and protocols used in modern networked systems. Topics include: wireless networks and mobility issues at the network and transport layer (Mobile IP and micromobility protocols, TCP in wireless environments). Mobile phone networks. Overlay networks, flat routing protocols (DHTs), and peer-to-peer architectures. The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) in practice.