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Arthur Elias Braunschweig: Katalogdaten im Herbstsemester 2016

NameHerr Dr. Arthur Elias Braunschweig
E2 Management Consulting AG
Wehntalerstrasse 3
8057 Zürich
Telefon044 368 5024
DepartementBau, Umwelt und Geomatik

102-0307-01LAdvanced Environmental, Social and Economic Assessments Belegung eingeschränkt - Details anzeigen
Nur für Umweltingenieurwissenschaften MSc.
5 KP3GA. E. Braunschweig, S. Hellweg, R. Frischknecht
KurzbeschreibungThis course deepens students' knowledge of environmental, economic, and social assessment methodologies and their various applications.
LernzielThis course has the aim of deepening students' knowledge of the environmental, economic and social assessment methodologies and their various applications.

In particular, students completing the course should have the
- ability to judge the scientific quality and reliability of environmental assessment studies, the appropriateness of inventory data and modelling, and the adequacy of life cycle impact assessment models and factors
- knowledge about the current state of the scientific discussion and new research developments
- ability to properly plan, conduct and interpret environmental assessment studies

In the course element "Implementation of Environmental and other Sustainability Goals", students will learn to
- describe key sustainability problems of the current economic system and measuring units.
- describe the management system of an organisation and illustrate how to improve its sustainability management (especially planning and controlling), based on current ISO management standards and additional frameworks.
- discuss approaches to measure environmental performance measurement of an organisation, including 'organisational LCA' (Ecobalance)
- explain the pros and cons of single score environmental assessment methods
- demonstrate life cycle costing from a sustainability viewpoint
- interpret stakeholder relations of an organisation
- (if time allows) describe sustainable supply chain management
InhaltPart I (Advanced Environmental Assessments)
- Inventory database developments, transparency, data quality, data completeness, and data exchange formats, uncertainties
- Software tools (MFA, LCA)
- Allocation (multioutput processes and recycling)
- Hybrid LCA methods.
- Consequential and marginal analysis
- Impact assessment of waterborne chemical emissions, sum parameters, mixture toxicity
- Spatial differentiation in Life Cycle Assessment
- Workplace and indoor exposure in Risk and Life Cycle Assessment
- Subjectivity in environmental assessments
- Multicriteria Decision Analysis
- Case Studies

Part II (Implementation of Environmental and other Sustainability Goals):
- Sustainability problems of the current economic system and its measuring units;
- The structure of a management system, and elements to integrate environmental management (ISO 14001) and social management (SA8000 as well as ISO 26000), especially into strategy development, planning, controlling and communication;
- Sustainability Opportunities and Innovation
- The concept of 'Continuous Improvement'
- Life Cycle Costing, Life Cycle Management
- environmental performance measurement of an organisation, including 'organisational LCA' (Ecobalance), based on practical examples of companies and new concepts
- single score env. assessment methods (Swiss ecopoints)
- stakeholder management and sustainability oriented communication
- an intro into sustainability issues of supply chain management
Students will get small excercises related to course issues.
SkriptPart I: Slides and background reading material will be available on lecture homepage
Part II: Documents will be available on Ilias
LiteraturWill be made available.
Voraussetzungen / BesonderesThis course should only be elected by students of environmental engineering with a with a Module in Ecological Systems Design. All other students should take the individual courses in Advanced Environmental Assessment and/or Implementation of Environmental and other Sustainability goals (with or without exercise and lab).

Basic knowledge of environmental assessment tools is a prerequisite for this class. Students who have not yet had classwork in this topic are required to read an appropriate textbook before or at the beginning of this course (e.g. Jolliet, O et al. (2016). Environmental Life Cycle Assessment. CRC Press, Boca Raton - London - New York. ISBN 978-1-4398-8766-0 (Chapters 2-5.2)).
102-0327-01LImplementation of Environmental and other Sustainability Goals
Masterstudierende Umweltingenieurwissenschaften mit Modul Ecological Systems Design dürfen die 102-0327-01 (2KP) nicht belegen, da diese bereits in 102-0307-01 Advanced Environmental, Social and Economic Assessments (5KP) enthalten ist.
2 KP1GA. E. Braunschweig
KurzbeschreibungHow to make sustainability operational - in industry, services and other organizations: You will learn how to put sustainability into practice by integrating environmental, social and economic aspects into organisations' management and processes. The course contains both a management view, as well as a sustainability view - and how to combine them.
LernzielTo provide understanding of how sustainability can be made operational in an organisation. To do so, students will understand how to integrate sustainability thinking into the typical current organisational environment and processes, such as planning, implementing and controlling.
InhaltWe meet for five 3-hour-lectures, with discussions and case studies during course time.
Additionally, small case studies in-between courses will be given at most course days.
Course topics are:
-- Sustainable Development and its meaning for Management
-- Management Standards for Sustainability (ISO and others)
-- Sustainability Opportunities and Innovation
-- Organisation and Implementation
-- The concept of 'Continuous Improvement'
-- Environmental Performance Measurement (Concepts, Standards, Methods)
-- Life Cycle Costing, Life Cycle Management
-- (Sustainable) Supply Chain Management
-- Communication of Sustainability Issues
SkriptCourse documentation as well as case study descriptions will be provided during the course via the "Ilias" repository.
LiteraturThere are two ways to approach the course's issues:
a) Looking at how to integrate sustainability into 'standard' management: "Von den Zinsen statt vom Kapital leben", iO article. German version at http://www.e2mc.com/images/stories/e2_bilder/downloads/artikel_io.pdf ;
english x-lation at http://www.e2mc.com/bilder/downloads/article_io_e.pdf

b) Coming from Life Cycle Management, a good start is "Life Cycle Management - A Business Guide to Sustainability" from the UNEP-SETAC Life Cycle Initiative (available at: http://www.unep.fr/shared/docs/publications/LCM_guide.pdf?site=lcinit&page_id=F14E0563-6C63-4372-B82F-6F6B5786CCE3)

c) We will touch upon the hotel sustainable scheme and label "Ibex" see: http://www.e2mc.com/images/stories/e2_bilder/downloads/Umweltfocus_d.pdf (for an english version, pls contact the lecturer at arthurb@ethz.ch )
Voraussetzungen / BesonderesIf you have specific interests or questions, let me know at arthurb@ethz.ch . Maybe I can include your issues - or I can't :-)