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Fabian Frei: Catalogue data in Autumn Semester 2016

NameMr Fabian Frei
Jermann Ingenieure+Geometer AG
Altenmatteweg 1
4144 Arlesheim
DepartmentCivil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering

103-0435-01LLand Management Information 5 credits4GG. Nussbaumer, F. Frei, M.  Huhmann, R. Michelon
AbstractFirst part: Spatial planning on the Commune level with focus on the special land use management
Second part: land re-allocation as an instrument of spatial planning; specific explanations for land re-allocations in rural regions and in construction zones.
Third part: land marketing: the view of investors.
ObjectiveGetting knowledge in spatial planning and land re-allocation as an interactive process.
ContentPART 1: Spatial Planning and Special Land Use Management
- Overview about Spatial Planning on the commune level
- workflows and planning methods on the commune level
- comprehension of the public
- getting knowledge of the special land use management

PART 2: Methods of Land Re-Allocation
- Intensions and principles of land re-allocation
- implementation of the land re-allocation
- land re-allocation in construction zones
- amelioration

PART 3: Agricultural Planning
Lecture notesLecture notes and slides (in German) can be downloaded from the PLUS homepage.

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