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Vincenzo Picotti: Course units in Spring Semester 2016

Name Dr. Vincenzo Picotti
Geologisches Institut
ETH Zürich, NO E 51.2
Sonneggstrasse 5
8092 Zürich
Telephone+41 44 632 81 60
DepartmentEarth Sciences

651-3482-00LGeological Field Course II: Sedimentary Rocks Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 46.

Compulsory for elective majors "Geology" and "Geophysics".
3 credits4PN. Mancktelow, J.‑P. Burg, M. Frehner, A. Gilli, S. Ivy Ochs, V. Picotti
651-3602-00LMicroscopy of Rocks3 credits2PM. W. Schmidt, M. G. Fellin, N. Mancktelow, V. Picotti
651-3620-00LGeology of the Alps3 credits2V + 2PN. Mancktelow, E. Kissling, V. Picotti, E. Reusser
651-4134-00LTectonic Geomorphology6 credits2V + 6PS. F. Gallen, V. Picotti