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Christian Jany: Catalogue data in Autumn Semester 2016

Name Dr. Christian Jany
Literatur- u. Kulturwiss., Kilcher
ETH Zürich, RZ H 9
Clausiusstrasse 59
8092 Zürich
Telephone+41 44 632 74 49
DepartmentHumanities, Social and Political Sciences

851-0301-05LBeginnings Information Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 25
3 credits2SC. Jany
Abstract"All beginnings are difficult," goes the saying, "but without them there wouldn't be an end." However, what makes beginnings so difficult? What kind of action is that? Which knowledge does it presuppose? And what would a beginning say about the end? We will pursue these questions by reading sacred, philosophical, literary, and scientific texts that, each in its own way, make a beginning.
Objective- thorough reading and critical analysis of the texts
- reflection upon the conditions and practice of beginnings in terms of their epistemology and rhetorical strategy (i.e. as an intellectual and literary operation)
- consider the cultural and historical function of fictions that tell of origins, such as cosmological myths, foundationalist philosophy, or poetic incantations
LiteratureMyths of Creation and First Origins (Genesis und Gospel of St. John, Theogony, Upanishads), philosophy (Fichte, Hegel), literature and poetry (Wieland, Hölderlin, Novalis, Wordsworth, Melville, Richard Wagner, Beckett). For an introduction, see Wolfgang Iser, Emergenz: Nachgelassene und verstreut publizierte Essays (Konstanz 2013).
Prerequisites / Noticereadings partly in English
862-0050-00LHistory and Philosophy of Knowledge: Goals, Methods and Work Technics Restricted registration - show details
Only for History and Philosophy of Knowledge MSc.

This lecture is important as an Introduction to the Master Programme
2 credits2GN. El Kassar, N. Guettler, M. Hampe, F. Hupfer, C. Jany, B. Schär, M. Wulz
AbstractThe lecture series are held by all scientific disciplines involved in the HPK-Master programme and are meant to acquaint the students with the different ambitions, methods and techniques of each discipline. Furthermore, the lectures should serve as a "helpdesk" and "workshop" for all theses written within the M.A. programme.
ObjectiveThe interdisciplinary lecture series are exclusively addressed to the students of the HPK-M.A. programme. They provide an insight into all the disciplines which participate in the M.A. programme and their specific demands, approaches, problems and techniques. Subsequent to the lectures, there will be an opportunity to discuss difficulties occurring within the procedures of thesis-writing. The series should provide and secure a substantial, methodological and formal orientation within the disciplines taught in the M.A.-program.
Prerequisites / NoticeDates: Thursday, 10-12