Thomas Bucheli: Katalogdaten im Herbstsemester 2016

NameHerr Dr. Thomas Bucheli
Agroscope ART
Reckenholzstrasse 191
8046 Zürich
Telefon044 377 73 42

701-1351-00LNanomaterials in the Environment3 KP2GB. Nowack, T. Bucheli
KurzbeschreibungThe lecture provides an overview on the behavior and effects of engineered nanomaterials in the environment as far as they are currently understood. The course will cover definitions, analysis, fate in technical and natural systems, effects (nano-ecotoxicology) and environmental risk assessment of nanomaterials.
Lernziel- Successful application of knowledge gained in the traditional disciplines of environmental sciences (e.g. biogeochemistry, environmental chemistry) to elucidate nanomaterial fate and behavior in the environment
- Identify key parameters of nanomaterials that potentially influence their environmental fate and behavior
- Get acquainted with the most common analytical tools for the quantification of nanomaterials in the environment
- Critical assessment of current state of research in this juvenile field, including the sometimes controversial literature data

- Definitions; nano-effects; engineered, natural and incidental nanoparticles
- Sources and release; Material flow modeling
- Analysis in environmental samples
- Fate in technical systems: water treatment, waste incineration
- Fate in the environment: water and soil
- Effects: nano-ecotoxicology
- Environmental risk assessment

Group work

Case studies about specific nanomaterials in environmental systems, topics will be provided
Written report submitted and presentation at the end of the lecture
SkriptHandouts will be provided
Literaturwill be provided during lecture