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David L. Cook: Katalogdaten im Herbstsemester 2016

NameHerr Dr. David L. Cook
Leimbachstrasse 43
8041 Zürich
Telefon043 542 9202

651-4225-00LTopics in Geochemistry3 KP2GS. Bernasconi, G. Bernasconi-Green, D. L. Cook
KurzbeschreibungThis course aims to present and discuss advanced topics in geochemistry based on the critical reading of research papers. Themes will vary from year to year and suggestions from students are welcome. The format of the course will be: one or more lectures introducing a theme, followed by a presentation of one or more papers by a student or group of students.
LernzielThe goal of the course is discuss topics in advanced geochemistry which were not covered in other general and specialized geochemistry courses. In addition, we aim at training the student's ability to critically evaluate research papers and to summarize the findings concisely in an oral presentation.
InhaltThemes will vary from year to year and suggestions from students are welcome.
Some possible topics are:
Organic geochemistry.
Isotope geochemistry of organic matter: carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen.
Multiply-substituted isotopologues.
Mass-independent fractionations.
Mass transfer and isotopes in modern and ancient ocean-floor hydrothermal systems and subduction zone environments.
Noble gas geochemistry: terrestrial and extraterrestrial applications
LiteraturWill be identified based on the chosen topic.