Claudio Soriente: Catalogue data in Autumn Semester 2014

Name Dr. Claudio Soriente
Professur für Informatik
ETH Zürich, CNB F 100.5
Universitätstrasse 6
8092 Zürich
DepartmentComputer Science

252-1411-00LSecurity of Wireless Networks5 credits2V + 1U + 1AS. Capkun, C. Soriente
AbstractCore Elements: Wireless communication channel, Wireless network architectures and protocols, Attacks on wireless networks, Protection techniques.
ObjectiveAfter this course, the students should be able to: describe and classify security goals and attacks in wireless networks; describe security architectures of the following wireless systems and networks: 802.11, GSM/UMTS, RFID, ad hoc/sensor networks; reason about security protocols for wireless network; implement mechanisms to secure
802.11 networks.
ContentWireless channel basics. Wireless electronic warfare: jamming and target tracking. Basic security protocols in cellular, WLAN and
multi-hop networks. Recent advances in security of multi-hop networks; RFID privacy challenges and solutions.