Brigitte Rohner: Katalogdaten im Herbstsemester 2020

NameFrau Dr. Brigitte Rohner
Eidg. Forschungsanstalt WSL
Zürcherstrasse 111
8903 Birmensdorf ZH

701-1677-00LQuantitative Vegetation Dynamics: Models from Tree to Globe Information 3 KP3GH. Bugmann, H. Lischke, B. Rohner
KurzbeschreibungThis course provides hands-on experience with models of vegetation dynamics across temporal and spatial scales. The underlying principles, assets and trade-offs of the different approaches are introduced, and students work in a number of small projects with these models to gain first-hand experience.
LernzielStudents will
- be able to understand, assess and evaluate the fundamental properties of dynamic systems using vegetation models as case studies
- obtain an overview of dynamic modelling techniques from the individual plant to the global level
- understand the basic assumptions of the various model types, which dictate the skill and limitations of the respective model
- be able to work with such model types on their own
- appreciate the methodological basis for impact assessments of future climate change and other environmental changes on ecosystems.
InhaltModels of individuals
- Deriving single-plant models from inventory measurements
- Plant models based on 'first principles'

Models at the stand scale
- Simple approaches: matrix models
- Competition for light and other resources as central mechanisms
- Individual-based stand models: distance-dependent and distance-independent

Models at the landscape scale
- Simple approaches: cellular automata
- Dispersal and disturbances (windthrow, fire, bark beetles) as key mechanisms
- Landscape models

Global models
- Sacrificing local detail to attain global coverage: processes and entities
- Dynamic Global Vegetation Models (DGVMs)
- DGVMs as components of Earth System Models
SkriptHandouts will be available in the course and for download
LiteraturWill be indicated at the beginning of the course
Voraussetzungen / Besonderes- Basic training in modelling and systems analysis
- Good knowledge of general ecology, vegetation dynamics, and forest systems