Peter Acél: Catalogue data in Spring Semester 2015

Name Dr. Peter Acél
Dr. Acél & Partner AG
Aargauerstrasse 1
8048 Zürich
Telephone044 447 20 60
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DepartmentMechanical and Process Engineering

151-0055-10LEngineering Tool V: Planning of Human Work Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 20.

Only one course can be chosen per semester. All Engineering Tool courses are for MAVT-Bachelor students only.
0.4 credits1KP. Acél, B. Britzke, K. Wegener
AbstractThis course gives an introduction into the planning and optimization of human work procedures in industry as a basis for the determination of personnel requirements. By using Methods of Time Management (MTM) it is shown, how work procedures are modelled in the different abstracted layers.
MTM is the benchmark for time in process elements - an international standard.
ObjectiveThe participants learn the basics in planning and optimizing of human work. They recognize that the problem solving based on work-organisation (e.g. efficiency of the staff members, pulsing) and ergonomical issues (e.g. overload of staff members) is made easier to achieve through the planning with MTM.
ContentThis educational-objective will be shown by machine demonstrations, movies and lecture/theory. The contents will be engrossed in practice oriented group works.

1. The input by MTM to solve operational tasks
- definition and application of MTM (process elements)
- 7 wastes
- comparison MTM, stopwatch, estimation
- planning of working-systems (personnel requirements and optimized operational procedures)

2. The MTM-System and the respective main attributes
- system elements
- information content of MTM-application flow diagram
- simulations ability

3. Development of processes
- description of shortage, flow, rhythm, layout, standards, complexity, amount of parts etc.
- is (analysis) - should-be (synthesis) in CHF

4. Application of MTM for the entire process chain
- 3-stage model: development, scheduling, operation in fabrication and assembly
- assembly fitting production engineering in the development, structuring appendage
- work in the rated range, transparency and staff member motivation
- ergonomically assessment of the working area, norm for human effort

5. MTM-systems and border lines (compression)
- differences in the application MTM 1, MEK, UAS
- IT-support: Ticon, Prokon
- classification REFA, IE, stopwatch, ROM; Value Stream, KAIZEN, KVP, 5S, Lean Management etc.
- other applications for logistic, administration, hospital etc.
Lecture notes- Script: Copies of the foils will be distributed to the participants
- downloadable movies from real examples as extension
- MTM-Time card with 5S and the 7 wastes
Prerequisites / NoticeRequirements for the participation in the course: Students in MAVT, MTEC or the like.

This is a praxis-oriented course. Your entire attendance is therefore expected.

Your inscription to this course is binding.