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Hermann Lehner: Catalogue data in Autumn Semester 2016

Name Dr. Hermann Lehner
Akademische Dienste (AkD)
ETH Zürich, HG F 10.3
Rämistrasse 101
8092 Zürich
Telephone+41 44 632 20 58
DepartmentComputer Science

252-0852-00LFoundations of Computer Science Information 4 credits2V + 2UL. E. Fässler, H.‑J. Böckenhauer, M. Dahinden, D. Komm, H. Lehner
AbstractStudents learn to apply selected concepts and tools from computer science for working on interdisciplinary projects.

The following topics are covered: modeling and simulations, introduction to programming, visualizing multi-dimensional data, introduction matrices, managing data with lists and tables and with relational databases, universal methods for algorithm design.
ObjectiveThe students learn to

- understand the role of computer science in science,
- to control computer and automate processes of problem solving by programming,
- choose and apply appropriate tools from computer science,
- process and analyze real-world data from their subject of study,
- handle the complexity of real-world data,
- know universal methods for algorithm design.
Content1. The role of computer science in science
2. Introduction to Programming with Python
3. Modeling and simulations
4. Introduction to Matrices with Matlab
5. Visualizing multidimensional data
6. Data management with lists and tables
7. Data management with a relational database
8. Universal methods for algorithm design
Lecture notesAll materials for the lecture are available at
Prerequisites / NoticeThis course is based on application-oriented learning. The students spend most of their time working through projects with data from natural science and discussing their results with teaching assistants. To learn the computer science basics there are electronic tutorials available.
252-2610-00LFoundations of Eiffel-Programming Information
Nur geeignet für Repetenten der Basisprüfung nach Studienreglement 2008
0 credits2GH. Lehner
ObjectiveThe Students
- know Eiffel-specific language concepts and terminology
- understand the basic concepts of object-oriented programming using Eiffel
- are able to apply this knowledge to solve algorithmic tasks on their own
- can write software specifications using Eiffel contracts
ContentComplementary service for the lecture "Einführung in die Programmierung" of the fall semester 2015 for students in the bachelor regulations 08.

Students can enroll in this course for optimal preparation for the exam of the mentioned lecture.
Lecture notesAll material and information of this course is available on the webpage (in german).
Prerequisites / Notice- Have been enrolled in "Einführung in die Programmierung" in fall semester 2015
- are studying in the bachelor regulations 08