Jörg Luster: Catalogue data in Spring Semester 2018

Name Dr. Jörg Luster
Zürcherstrasse 111
8903 Birmensdorf ZH
Telephone044 739 22 95
DepartmentEnvironmental Systems Science

701-1802-00LEcology of Forest Soil3 credits2GS. Zimmermann, J. Luster
AbstractDeepen and apply the basic knowledge in forest soil ecology obtained in previous courses (Bachelor degree); this is achieved by the autonomous study of selected questions in working groups and lectures on case studies.
Objective- Deepen and apply the basic knowledge in forest soil ecology obtained in previous courses (Bachelor degree).
- Get familiar with current issues in forest soil ecology based on case studies directed to practical problems
- Gain a deeper understanding through autonomous studies of selected questions in forest ecology in working groups. This includes an autonomous soil description in the field.
Content- Overview of forest soils in Switzerland /concept of reference soils
- Forest and water (hydromorphic soils, water retention, flood protection and forest soils)
- Physical soil protection in forests: DPSIR approch (driver-pressure-state-impact-response), regeneration after compaction
- Acidification of forest soils
- Inorganic soil contamination (focus on heavy metals)
- spatial soil information (soil maps, extrapolation of point information)
- Long-term forest ecosystem research: monitoring of atmospheric pollution and reaction of the soil (soil solution and soil matrix)
- Nutrient pools and cycling in the soil environment
- Soil-plant-interactions / processes in the rhizosphere
- Carbon balance and global change
- Land-use effects on the carbon balance
- Drought and forest soils
Lecture notesLecture notes, working material exercises will be handed out.
Literature- Walthert, L., Zimmermann, S., Blaser, P., Luster, J., Lüscher, P., 2004: Waldböden der Schweiz. Volume 1. Grundlagen und Region Jura. Birmensdorf, Eidgenössische Forschungsanstalt WSL. Bern, Hep Verlag, 768 pp.
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Prerequisites / Notice- Practical field work as a basis for a presentation held during class is part of the requirement. Workload approximately 1 day.
- Each learning unit of 2 hours will be organised as follows. A lecture of one hour is followed by an hour of autonomous study in working groups on a selected topic.
- It is required that students have some knowledge in practical Soil Science (recommended: Integrated applied soil course, 4th semester, and courses of the specialization "Wald und Landschaft", part site classification (soil science & phytosociology) 6th semester)