252-4302-00L  Seminar Algorithmic Game Theory

SemesterFrühjahrssemester 2016
DozierendeP. Widmayer, P. Dütting
Periodizitätjährlich wiederkehrende Veranstaltung
KommentarLimited number of participants.


KurzbeschreibungIn the seminar we will get familiar with the current original research in the area of algorithmic game theory by reading and presenting selected research papers in that area.
LernzielDevelop an understanding of selected problems of current interest in the area of algorithmic game theory, and a practice of a scientific presentation.
InhaltStudy and understanding of selected topics of current interest in algorithmic game theory such as: Complexity Results (class PPAD, PLS, NP), Sponsored Search, Approximation Algorithms via Algorithmic Game Theory, Price of Anarchy, New paradigms of computation (e.g., envy-fee, truthful), Mechanism Design.
LiteraturSelected research articles.
Voraussetzungen / BesonderesYou must have passed our "Algorithmic Game Theory" class (or have acquired equivalent knowledge, in exceptional cases).


Information zur Leistungskontrolle (gültig bis die Lerneinheit neu gelesen wird)
Leistungskontrolle als Semesterkurs
ECTS Kreditpunkte2 KP
PrüfendeP. Widmayer, P. Dütting
Formbenotete Semesterleistung
RepetitionRepetition nur nach erneuter Belegung der Lerneinheit möglich.


HauptlinkSeminar Webseite
Es werden nur die öffentlichen Lernmaterialien aufgeführt.


252-4302-00 SSeminar Algorithmic Game Theory
This seminar accepts students from ETH and UZH, and is offered jointly with Prof. Dr. Seuken from UZH. A first information meeting will be held Wednesday, February 24, 2016, 12:15-13:45 in room CAB H 53 at ETH.
In this meeting, the seminar topics will be presented and assigned to participants.The seminar talks will be given in two blocks on two Saturdays, namely May 20 at UZH and May 21 at ETH, from 9 to 15 h each. All participants are requested to be actively present on both dates.
2 Std.P. Widmayer, P. Dütting


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