Autumn Semester 2020 takes place in a mixed form of online and classroom teaching.
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752-4003-00L  Practical Course in Microbiology

SemesterAutumn Semester 2016
LecturersM. Künzler
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionGerman

AbstractBasic principles of the handling of microorganisms (MO) - Detection of MO in the environment - Foodmicrobiology - Morphology and diagnostics of MO - Morphology and physiology of fungi - Antimicrobial agents - Microbial genetics - Bacterial physiology and interactions - Microbial pest control
ObjectiveThe students are familiar with the laboratory work with microorganisms. Specific emphasis is put on the isolation and maintenance of pure cultures and the required hygiene measures. The students know the practical, clinical and ecological importance of microorganisms.
ContentIn an introductory part students are made familiar with the handling and cultivation of microorganisms (MO). Afterwards, the students detect MO in the environment and use MO for the conservation of food. This part is then followed by a practical introduction on routine diagnostics of MO and experiments with antimicrobial agents. The part on diagnostics is complemented by an overview over the morphology and physiology of fungi. On simple experiments, the students experience the interaction of of MO with higher organisms - the common topic of all research groups at the Institute of Microbiology. Some simple experiments demonstrate the importance of MO in molecular genetics. The course ends with an example of applied microbiology i.e. an experiment on microbial pest control.
Lecture notesA detailled script of approx. 100 pp. and other relevant documents are available at Moodle at latest 1 week before the beginning of the practical course.
LiteratureRecommended literature (facultative):
-Allgemeine Mikrobiologie by Georg Fuchs and Hans G. Schlegel, Thieme-Verlag, 9. Auflage 2014
-Taschenlehrbuch Biologie: Mikrobiologie by Katharina Munk, Thieme Verlag, 2008
-Brock Mikrobiologie kompakt von Michael T. Madigan, John M. Martinko, David A. Stahl and David P. Clark, Pearson Verlag, 13. Auflage 2015
Prerequisites / NoticePerformance of the students in this practical course is controlled by:

1. Attendance of all 7 course days
2. Giving a short communication to a selected topic of Microbiology (in groups of 3 students)
3. Handing in of written reports to selected experiments (in groups of 2 students)

Participating PhD students who collect credit points during their thesis are examined in a 30-minute oral exam at the end of the course.