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701-0475-00L  Atmospheric Physics

SemesterAutumn Semester 2016
LecturersU. Lohmann, A. A. Mensah
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionGerman

AbstractThis course covers the basics of atmospheric physics, which consist of: cloud and precipitation formation, thermodynamics, aerosol physics, radiation as well as the impact of aerosols and clouds on climate and artificial weather modification.
ObjectiveStudents are able
- to explain the mechanisms of cloud and precipitation formation using knowledge of humidity processes and thermodynamics.
- to evaluate the significance of clouds and aerosol particles for climate and artificial weather modification.
ContentMoist processes/thermodynamics; aerosol physics; cloud formation; precipitation processes, storms; importance of aerosols and clouds for climate and weather modification, clouds and precipitation
Lecture notesPowerpoint slides and script will be made available
LiteratureLohmann, U., Lüönd, F. and Mahrt, F., An Introduction to Clouds:
From the Microscale to Climate, Cambridge Univ. Press, 391 pp., 2016.
Prerequisites / Notice50% of the time we use the concept of "flipped classroom" (, which we introduce at the beginning.

We offer a lab tour, in which we demonstrate with some instruments how some of the processes, that are discussed in the lectures, are measured.

There is a additional tutorial right after each lecture to give you the chance to ask further questions and discuss the exercises. The participation is recommended but voluntary.