151-0703-00L  Operational Simulation of Production Lines

SemesterAutumn Semester 2014
LecturersP. Acél
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionGerman

AbstractThe student learns the application of the event-driven and computer-based simulation for layout and operational improvement of production facilities by means of practical examples.
ObjectiveThe student learns the right use of (Who? When? How?) of the event-driven and computer-based simulation in the illustration of the operating procedures and the production facilities.
Operating simulation in the productions, logistic and scheduling will be shown by means of practical examples.
The student should make his first experiences in the use of computer-based simulation.
Content- Application and application areas of the event-driven simulation
- Exemplary application of a software tool (Technomatrix-Simulation-Software)
- Internal organisation and functionality of simulation tools
- Procedure for application: optimizing, experimental design planning, analysis, data preparation
- Controlling philosophies, emergency concepts, production in sequence, line production, rescheduling
- Application on the facilities projecting

The knowledge is enhanced by practice-oriented exercises and an excursion. A guest speaker will present a practical example.
Lecture noteswill be distributed simultaneously during lecture (+ PDF)
Prerequisites / NoticeRecommended for all Bachelor-Students in the 5th semester and Master-Students in the 7th semester.