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651-4002-00L  Stratigraphy and Time

SemesterSpring Semester 2016
LecturersA. Gilli, P. Brack, H. Bucher, I. Hajdas, K. Hippe, A. M. Hirt, S. Ivy Ochs
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionEnglish

AbstractAnalytical methods and concepts for the construction of a geochronological framework, including processes and geological rates.
ObjectiveThe course discusses methodologies for the construction of geochronological timescales, but goes beyound applied chronometry by advancing the understanding of types and rates of geological processes, the causes of contiguous and disjunct stratigraphies, placing of discrete events in temporal order.
ContentAnalytical methods and concepts for the construction of a geochronological framework (Global Standard Section and Point, GSSP), including biostratigraphy, eustatic sea-level variations, radioisotopic dating, cosmogenic isotopes, stable isotope and geochemical correlation, paleomagnetic stratigraphy, and carbon isotope dating.
Lecture notesHandouts
LiteratureDoyle, P. & Bennett, M.R. Editors (1998). Unlocking the stratigraphical record-advances in modern stratigraphy, John Wiley & Sons, 532 p. (useful introduction)
Ogg, J.G., Ogg, G., Gradstein, F.M. 2008. The concise geologic time scale. Cambridge University Press. 177 p. (newest geol. time scale)
Prerequisites / NoticeThe course is taught by a series of specialists on the different topics.