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102-0248-00L  Infrastructure Systems in Urban Water Management

SemesterFrühjahrssemester 2016
DozierendeM. Maurer, A. Scheidegger
Periodizitätjährlich wiederkehrende Veranstaltung
KommentarPrerequisites: 102-0214-02L Urban Water Management I and 102-0215-00L Urban Water Management II.

KurzbeschreibungIn the environmental engineering practice an increasing demand for infrastructure management skills can be observed. This course gives an introductory overview of infrastructure management skills needed for urban water infrastructures, with a specific focus on pipe deterioration and engineering economics.
LernzielAfter successfully finished the class, the participants will have the following skills and knowledge:
- They can perform basic engineering economic analysis
- Knows the typical value and costs involved with running a wastewater infrastructure
- Knows the key principles of infrastructure management
- Knows how to quantify the future rehabilitation demand
InhaltThe nationwide coverage of water distribution and wastewater treatment is one of the major public works achievements in Switzerland and other countries. Annually and per person, 135'000 kg drinking water is produced and distributed and over 535'000 kg rain- and wastewater is drained. These impressive services are done with a pipe network of almost 200'000 km with an total replacement value of 30'000 CHF per capita.
The water services in Switzerland are moving from a phase of new constructions into one of maintenance and optimization. The aim today must be to ensure that existing infrastructure is professionally maintained, to reduce costs and to ensure the implementation of modern, improved technologies and approaches. These challenging tasks call for sound expertise and professional management.
This course gives an introduction into basic principles of water infrastructure management. The focus is primarily Switzerland, but most methods and conclusions are valid for many other countries.
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