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651-1506-00L  The High-Mountain Cryosphere: Processes and Risks (University of Zurich)

SemesterSpring Semester 2016
LecturersUniversity lecturers
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionEnglish
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UZH Module Code: GEO856

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AbstractPart I: Hazards in glacierized high-mountain regions
Hazard assessments in cold high-mountain areas with respect to glaciers and permafrost.

Part II: Paleoglaciology
Ice-related aspects of the recent earth and climate history (Ice Age, Holocene, 20. century): reconstruction/modeling of past glaciers/ice sheets and interpretation of information from ice cores.
ObjectivePart I: Hazards in glacierized high-mountain regions
Knowledge about integrative hazard assessment techniques in high-mountain areas under conditions of climate change.

Part II: Paleoglaciology
Understanding of the role of glaciers and ice sheets in the climate system through time since the last Ice Age; knowledge of corresponding reconstruction techniques and of the glaciological basis for ice core interpretation.
ContentPart I: Natural hazards in glacierised mountain regions
- Introduction and instruction e-learning, Hazard/risk concepts
- Introduction to Part II, Paleoglaciology
- e-learning glacier floods and ice avalanches
- Comments on glacier floods, Comments on ice avalanches, climate-induced glacier changes
- Recent case studies
- Application of remote sensing, Principles and applications of numerical mass movement models
- Glacier-clad volcanoes
- Feedbacks on exercises and test

Part II: Paleoglaciology
2-day block course (Friday and Saturday)
Including written test on Paleoglaciology, Subjects include:
- Former glaciers/ice sheets: outlines and geometry
- Former glaciers/ice sheets: flow, mass turnover, temperature, etc.
- Former glaciers/ice sheets: changes in time
- Ice cores: archive (embedding) characteristics
- Ice cores: Information carriers, polar und alpine examples
- Nuclear waste disposal and ice ages, climate change and sea level
Lecture notesPaleoglaciology (about 100p.)
Hazards in glacierized high-mountain regions (about 100p.)

available at the Geography Department, University of Zurich
Literaturerich reference list in lecture notes
Prerequisites / NoticePrecondition
- Getscher und Permafrost (651-4073-00)