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102-0448-00L  Groundwater II

SemesterSpring Semester 2016
LecturersM. Willmann
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionEnglish

AbstractThe course is based on the course 'Groundwater I' and is a prerequisite for further applications of groundwater flow and contaminant transport models.
ObjectiveThe course should enable students to understand and apply methods and tools for groundwater flow and transport modelling.

the student should be able to
a) formulate practical flow and contaminant transport problems.

b) solve steady-state and transient flow and transport problems in 2 and 3 spatial dimensions using numerical codes based on the finite difference method and the finite element methods.

c) solve simple inverse flow problems for parameter estimation given measurements.

d) assess simple multiphase flow problems.

e) assess spatial variability of parameters and use of stochastic techniques in this task.

f) solve simple flow problems affected by fluid density.

g) assess simple coupled reactive transport problems.
ContentIntroduction and basic flow and contaminant transport equation.

Numerical solution of the 3D flow equation using the finite difference method.

Numerical solution to the flow equation using the finite element equation

Numerical solution to the transport equation using the finite difference method.

Numerical solution to the transport equation using the method of characteristics and the random walk method.

Numerical solution to the transport equation: Case studies.

Two-phase flow and Unsaturated flow problems.

Modelling of flow problems affected by fluid density.

Spatial variability of parameters and its geostatistical representation.

Geostatistics and stochastic modelling.

Reactive transport modelling.
Lecture notesHandouts
Literature- J. Bear, Hydraulics of Groundwater, McGraw-Hill, New York, 1979
- P.A. Domenico, F.W. Schwartz, Physical and Chemical Hydrogeology, J. Wilson & Sons, New York, 1990

- Chiang und Kinzelbach, 3-D Groundwater Modeling with PMWIN. Springer, 2001.

- G. de Marsily, Quantitative Hydrogeology, Academic Press, 1986

- W. Kinzelbach und R. Rausch: Grundwassermodellierung, Eine Einführung mit Uebungen Gebrüder Bornträger, Berlin, 1995, ISBN 3-443-01032-6

- F. Stauffer: Strömungsprozesse im Grundwasser, Konzepte und Modelle vdf, 1998, ISBN 3-7281-2641-1
Prerequisites / NoticeThe exercises of the course are organized as a computer lab (one lesson per week). The computer lab will provide hands-on experience with groundwater modelling.