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101-0588-01L  Re-/Source the Built Environment

SemesterFrühjahrssemester 2016
DozierendeG. Habert
Periodizitätjährlich wiederkehrende Veranstaltung

KurzbeschreibungAfter a presentation of the general environmental context and sustainability issues, this course will present the environmental impact of the different building materials and the technical possibilities to improve them.
LernzielAfter the lecture series, the students are aware of the main challenges for the production and use of building materials.
InhaltThe lecture series is divided as follows:
Lectures 1 to 3: In a first phase, the students study the LCA methodology and the software assiciated.

In a second phase 4 to10: the student learn the environmental impacts of different building materials and implement these calculations in a virtual building.

Finally, they work on the imporvement potentials of this building.
SkriptFor each lecture slides will be provided.
LiteraturBasic knowledge of environmental assessment tools is a prerequisite for this class.

Students that have not done classwork in this topic before are required to read an appropriate textbook before or at the beginning of this course (e.g. Baumann&Tillman, The Hitch Hiker's Guide to LCA: An Orientation in Life Cycle ssessment Methodology and Applications, Studentlitteratur, Lund, 2004).
Voraussetzungen / BesonderesThe lecture series will be conducted in English and is aimed at students of master's programs, particularly the departments ARCH, BAUG, ITET, MAVT, MTEC and USYS.
No lecture will be given during Seminar week.

However, a particular interest in physical and chemical properties of building materials is recommended.