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851-0101-51L  The Making of Sexuality - Sexology Around 1900

SemesterSpring Semester 2016
Periodicitynon-recurring course
CourseDoes not take place this semester.
Language of instructionGerman
CommentNumber of participants limited to 25

AbstractThe seminar traces the emergence of sexology as a field of research in German-speaking Europe around 1900. This new discipline and its research questions will be examined with regard to broader debates about sexuality in society. Therefore, the context of the women's movement and the social question will be addressed, as will be the role of race theories, eugenics, and European colonialism.
ObjectiveThe seminar mainly builds on the reading of exemplary texts on sexuality from the period in question, for example by Sigmund Freud, Magnus Hirschfeld, Helene Stöcker, and Wilhelm Reich. The reading of sources will be complemented by secondary literature that provides both context information and a theoretical reflection of sexuality and sexual science.
Based on the exploration of a specific historical subject, the main aim is to teach students to critically approach and analyse historical documents as well as research texts. For advanced/Master students the seminar will provide insight into different fields of historical analysis, namely the history of sexuality and gender, the history of science and ideas, and global and postcolonial history. In addition, the course will open up a critical perspective on sexuality and gender that exceeds the historical time under scrutiny.