851-0823-00L  English Language and Literature Part I (C1-C2)

SemesterAutumn Semester 2016
LecturersM. Norgate
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionEnglish
CommentYour course regristration is only valid with a simultaneous online registration at the language center (www.sprachenzentrum.unizh.ch).

AbstractBachelor and master students at C1-C2 level. The course enhances students appreciation and understanding of literature in English. Through the analysis and interpretation of literary texts, students improve their analytical and English language skills; their grammar skills through writing; and their range of vocabulary through reading, discussions, and writing.
ObjectiveThe aims of the course are to:
* Introduce students to a variety of literary texts in English
* Help students to develop critical, creative, and personal approaches to analyzing literary texts and by extension become more astute readers in general
* Provide students with an opportunity to enhance and practice their argumentation skills in discussions and in writing
* Improve the ways in which students organize their ideas and arguments in a sustained, coherent, and logical manner
* Improve students grammatical and lexical repertoire through reading and discussion
* Impart a life-long interest in literature written in English
ContentA variety of texts, including classical and modern poetry, short stories, and one short novel, are analyzed. Classwork is interactive, with pair, small group, and plenary discussions. Writing tasks are designed to help students produce coherent and well-structured texts. Lexical work helps students to increase their range of vocabulary and allow them to apply freshly acquired vocabulary in speaking and writing.
Lecture notesno script
LiteratureMaterials: Texts are available online (Moodle) and as handouts.
Prerequisites / NoticeOther requirements:
All participants are expected to
* Attend regularly throughout the semester
* Participate actively in discussions, group work, and pair work
* Do at least 3 hours' work a week outside the classroom, including reading and writing
* Complete written assignments during the semester

NB: This is Part I of a two-part course. Part 2 runs in the spring semester. Each part can be taken on its own. However, a separate enrolment is required for each part.

Important note:
The course is only open to students who register on-line via the Sprachenzentrum website during the registration period (review the SZ website) and who receive on-line confirmation that they have been accepted on this course.