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701-0747-00L  Environmental Policy of Switzerland I

SemesterAutumn Semester 2016
LecturersE. Lieberherr
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionGerman

AbstractThis course presents the basics of policy analysis and the specific characteristics of Swiss environmental policy. Policy instruments, actors and processes are addressed both theoretically as well as by means of current Swiss environmental policy examples.
ObjectiveBeyond acquiring basic knowledge about policy analysis, this course teaches students how to analytically address current and concrete questions of environmental policy. Through exercises the students learn about political science concepts and frameworks as well as real-life political decision-making processes. The well-grounded examination of complex political conflict situations is an important precondition for the entry into the (environmental policy) workforce or a future research career.
ContentThe processes of change, overuse or destruction of the natural environment through humans have historically placed high demands on social and political institutions. In the interplay between the environment, society and economy, the environmental policy field encompasses the sum of public measures that have the goal to eliminate, reduce or avoid environmental degradation. The course systematically presents the basics of environmental policy instruments, actors, programs and processes as well as their change over time. A key aspect is the distinction between politics and political science and specifically environmental policy.
Lecture notesInstead of lecture notes different texts on policy analysis and Swiss environmental policy are made available to the students.
LiteratureThe lecture is based on the following book to be published in the summer of 2016:
Ingold, K., Lieberherr, E., Schläpfer, I., Steinmann, K. und Zimmermann, W. Umweltpolitik der Schweiz: ein Lehrbuch. Zürich: Dike Verlag.
Prerequisites / NoticeThe detailed semester program (syllabus) is made available to the students at the beginning of the semester.