701-1437-02L  Practical Course Microinvertebrates and Cryptogames

SemesterAutumn Semester 2016
LecturersJ. Jokela
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionGerman

AbstractThis course gives an overview of the typical aquatic microinvertebrate groups and cryptogames in Switzerland. Beside a theoretical background of the different groups the focus is laid on the recognition of the most important species groups and their indentification traits. Practical experience is collected during an excursion.
ObjectiveDuring this course you will get an overview of the typical aquatic microinvertebrates and algae in Switzerland. After this course you will know the most important aquatic species groups and the most important identification traits.
You will apply the theoretical knowledge during an excursion.
ContentThe taxonomic part will cover microinvertebrates and cryptogams. The goal is to get to know the most common aquatic taxa in Switzerland, to identify them and to get an idea how these organisms are used in research and practice. (language: German, translation of the most important things during the course possible)

The excursion takes place Thursday 13.10.2016 from 13-17.
Lecture notesCourse notes and power point presentations provided during the course.
Prerequisites / NoticeThe maximal participating number of students is 8 from D-USYS and 14 from D-BIOL. In case of too many students, those that simultaneously participate in the courses "701-1437-00 Limnoecology" and "701-1437-01 Bestimmungskurs aquatischer Makroinvertebraten" are given priority. Sign in until 15.9.2016, free places will be distributed 16.9.2016.

The field excursion takes place Thursday afternoon 13.10.2016 from 13-17.