853-0037-00L  Military Psychology and Pedagogy I

SemesterAutumn Semester 2016
LecturersH. Annen
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionGerman
CommentOnly for Public Policy BA

AbstractExamine the fundamentals of the two sciences and establish links with military life. Discuss various schools of thought in psychology and focus on content and process theories of motivation. Explore characteristics of pedagogical thinking and discuss the values of military education with reference to the young adult serving in the armed forces.
Objective- Becoming acquainted with basic psychological views of human behaviour and experience
- Knowing content- and process theories of motivation and being able to transfer them to the military context
- Knowing the possibilities and limitations of military education and deriving consequences
ContentOverall, the objective is to become acquainted with the basics of both scientific areas and to make references to military practice. Military psychology is a branch of applied psychology; consequently selected aspects of psychological principles will be covered. Military pedagogy hasn't yet established itself firmly as an independent scientific discipline, it nevertheless can draw on a deep-seated tradition in Switzerland. Thus, the great importance that has been attached to the discussion of education in Swiss society and academia will be taken into account.
- History of military psychology
- Psychological images of humanity (psychoanalysis, behaviourism, behavioural biology, humanistic psychology, cognitivism)
- Motivational theories
- Defence-, service-, operational- and combat motivation
- Swiss military pedagogy
- Education as defining feature of pedagogic thinking and acting

This course is completedy by a compulsary one week course between terms.
Literature- Annen, H., Steiger, R. & Zwygart, U.: Gemeinsam zum Ziel, Huber, Frauenfeld 2004 (provided as pdf)
- Stadelmann, J.: Führung unter Belastung, Huber, Frauenfeld 1998 (provided as pdf)

The lecture is supported by a virtual learning environment containing relevant documents (presentations and texts) and information to further literature.