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701-0559-00L  Seminar for Bachelor Students: Forest and Landscape

SemesterAutumn Semester 2016
LecturersH. Bugmann, E. Lieberherr, P. Rotach
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionGerman

AbstractInterdisciplinary seminar on forest and landscape issues with particular emphasis on the key processes shaping the development of forest ecosystems and landscapes.
Objective- To analyze scientific original articles and other complex materials critically and to present the results in an understandable way.
- To understand selected processes, cases and methods related to forest and landscape issues.
- To be able to analyze problems related to forest ecosystems and landscape from the viewpoint of various disciplines.
ContentBiological, ecological, physical and technical processes with impacts on the community, ecosystem and landscape scale. Social processes and institutions with relation to land use. Products and services of forest ecosystems and landscapes. Forest management systems. The contributions will be organized around topical clusters.
Lecture notesNo script available. The seminar papers will be made available to all particpants in electronic form.
LiteratureLiterature references will be provided by the lecturers.
Prerequisites / NoticeThe credits are given if the following requirements are met
a) oral presentation (15-20 Min + discussion)
b) seminar paper (up to approx. 5 pages, with references, no powerpoint printout).
The contributions can be presented in German or English. We expect a regular and active participation.