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465-0966-00L  Physics in Radiodiagnostic and Nuclear Medicine

SemesterAutumn Semester 2016
LecturersF. Bochud
Periodicitytwo-yearly recurring course
Language of instructionEnglish

AbstractThe course is dedicated to introduce MAS students from Medical Physics to the field of radiodiagnostic and nuclear medicine. Dedicated practicals will illustrate the theory with an emphasis on the relationship between dose and image quality as well as the security problems related to the work with radiations.
ObjectiveThis 1-week theory and practical class offers the possibility to enjoy a variety of research and clinical areas in diagnostic and nuclear medicine. It gives insight into practical concepts and techniques that are discussed thoroughly as the class is performed within actual laboratories with real radiation sources.
ContentThe course starts with the physical basis of radiography (from X-ray production to image detectors) and continues with the basic parameters of image quality in radiography (contrast, resolution, noise) and their measurement methods. Specific applications of radiation diagnostic are then considered separately.
The physics of fluoroscopy and mammography is presented with emphasis on the type of detectors. Computer tomography starts from mono- to multi-detector row technology and finishes with the dose indicators and the impacts of acquisition parameters on patient dose.
Nuclear medicine is approached through the production and labeling of radiopharmaceuticals before explaining the aspects related to quality control like the stability of the compounds, nuclide- and radionuclide purity as well as apyrogeneicity and sterility.
Imaging aspects of nuclear medicine are treated in details for SPECT and PET through the instrumentation, the reconstruction algorithms and the corresponding image quality.
Finally, the aspects related to patient dose and radiation protection of the personnel are considered separately for diagnostic radiology and nuclear medicine. The general frameworks of external as well as internal irradiation are presented and practical examples of dose calculations are explained.