851-0886-00L  New Zealand Through Literature and Film (C1-C2)

SemesterAutumn Semester 2016
LecturersM. Norgate
Periodicityevery semester recurring course
Language of instructionEnglish
CommentYour course regristration is only valid with a simultaneous online registration at the language center (www.sprachenzentrum.uzh.ch).

AbstractThe course is designed for Bachelor and Master students from all disciplines who wish to gain an insight into New Zealand culture, history, society, and politics through New Zealand's rich tradition in literature and film while improving their English language skills further towards C2.
ObjectiveThe aim is to explore the following questions through texts and film to introduce students to New Zealand and, in a broader sense, to raise their awareness of some of the key issues affecting former colonies from early settlement to the present day: What did New Zealand mean to its early settlers? Where did the settlers come from? How did they live? What is the Treaty of Waitangi, and what is its status today? What does it mean to live in multi-cultural New Zealand today?

Students will learn the discourse used, and issues under consideration, in the analysis and discussion of poetry, prose, and film. They will become aware of various ways of "reading" texts and film, and will improve their skills in planning and writing cohesive essays in which they marshal their views in a convincing and formal manner. Overall, the aims are that students become more discerning readers, improve their skills in expressing their views in written and spoken form clearly and concisely, and gain an understanding of the importance of literature and film to the development of a uniquely New Zealand identity.
ContentThe course gives a roughly chronological view of New Zealand's literary heritage, from Maori settlement to the present day, using selected poems, a short novel, short stories, articles, and films. A key focus is the way New Zealanders' notion of their own identity has shifted over the years, as expressed by the country's film-makers and writers working in English, and to a limited degree, in Maori (English translations are provided).
Lecture notesno script
LiteratureHandouts, online resources, Moodle platform, and DVDs of a wide range of NZ films (available in the Self-Access Center -- NB: No hobbits!)
Prerequisites / NoticeOther requirements:
All participants are expected to
* Attend class regularly throughout the semester
* Participate actively in discussions, group work, and pair work
* Do at least 3 hours' work a week outside the classroom, including reading, writing, and watching films
* Work consistently on their portfolio throughout the semester

Important note:
The course is only open to students who register on-line via the Sprachenzentrum website during the registration period (review the SZ website) and who receive on-line confirmation that they have been accepted on this course.