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101-0492-00L  Simulation of Traffic Operations

SemesterAutumn Semester 2016
LecturersH. He
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionEnglish

AbstractThe course introduces basics of microscopic traffic simulation, including model development, calibration, validation, data analysis, identification of strategies for improving traffic performance, and evaluation of such strategies. The modelling software used is VISSIM.
ObjectiveThe objective of this course is to introduce basic concepts in microscopic traffic simulation and conduct a realistic traffic engineering project from beginning to end. The students will first familiarize themselves with microscopic traffic simulation models. They will then use a simulation for modeling and analyzing the traffic operations. The emphasis is not only on building the simulation model, but also understanding of the models behind and logically evaluating results. The final goal is to make valid and concrete engineering proposals based on the simulation model.
ContentIn this course the students will first learn some microscopic simulation concepts and then complete a traffic engineering project with microscopic traffic simulator VISSIM.

Microscopic simulation concepts will include:
1) Car following models
2) Lane change models

Specific tasks for the project will include:
1) Building a model with the simulator VISSIM in order to replicate and analyze the traffic conditions measured/observed.
2) Calibrating and validating the simulation model.
3) Redesigning/extending the model to improve the traffic performance.
Lecture notesThe lecture notes and additional handouts will be provided before the lectures.
LiteratureAdditional literature recommendations will be provided at the lectures.
Prerequisites / NoticeStudents need to know some basic road transport concepts. The course Road Transport Systems (Verkehr III), or simultaneously taking the course Traffic Engineering is encouraged. The course Transport Simulation (101-0438-00 G) and previous experience with VISSIM is helpful but not mandatory.