851-0157-69L  History of Astronomy

SemesterAutumn Semester 2016
LecturersS. Mastorakou
Periodicityevery semester recurring course
Language of instructionEnglish
CommentParticularly suitable for students of D-ERDW, D-MATH, D-PHYS
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AbstractThe course is designed to provide an overview of the astronomical developments from the ancient Greek world to the 16th century. We are going to use primary sources tackling historical, technical and philosophical questions. Special attention will be paid to the dramatic change in the way people understood the structure of the heavens and the nature of the physical world.
ObjectiveThe course aims at providing a working knowledge of astronomy and cosmology from the ancient world to the 16th century. Upon its completion the students will be able to describe how our knowledge of the heavens changed from Aristotle's system to the Copernican Revolution. In addition, they will also have acquired an appreciation of the debates about man's place in the cosmos and the philosophical principles underpinning cosmology.