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701-1663-00L  Exploring Resilience of Tropical Forest Landscapes

SemesterHerbstsemester 2016
DozierendeC. Kettle, C. D. Philipson
Periodizität2-jährlich wiederkehrende Veranstaltung
KommentarDieser Kurs findet alternierend statt zu der Lehrveranstaltung 701-1661-00 Conservation and Development in Complex Landscapes.

KurzbeschreibungA highly interactive learning experience with real world exposure to the challenges associated with conservation and management of tropical forest systems. Designed as a complementary course to Rain Forest Ecology 701-0324-00L. Students will gain first-hand experience of tropical forest landscapes and the challenges associated with conducting ecological research in this fascinating environment.
LernzielThe course will have four core learning objectives: 1) provide students with an understanding and experience of a range of tropical rainforest systems, and an appreciation of the challenges of managing these landscapes to provide multiple ecosystem services. 2) To develop their creative and critical scientific thinking and experimental design in the context of tropical field ecology. Specifically through design and implementation an Adaptive Management approach to tropical forest landscapes. 3) Students will develop their understanding of multiple stakeholders perspectives in the context of landscape management in SE Asian develop the knowledge to discuss this issues with experts in the field. Students will present their Adaptive Management Plans to senior Forest Researchers in the forest department at the FRC Sabah and engage in dialogue regarding diverse perspectives in forest and landscape management. 4) To develop their team building skills to work in culturally diverse groups and under sometimes challenging conditions to work toward a common research goal.
InhaltProposed topics to be covered within the scope of the projects and based upon the expertise of the course lecturers: Tropical Ecology, Forest Ecology and Forest Botany. Tropical Forest management and restoration. Conservation biology, Animal behaviour, tropical entomology. Biodiversity and ecosystem function. Resilience and Adaptive Management.
LiteraturLiterature presented in Tropical Rainforest Ecology
Voraussetzungen / Besonderes701-0324-00 G Rain Forest Ecology