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151-1224-00L  Oil-Hydraulics and Pneumatics

SemesterSpring Semester 2017
LecturersJ.  Lodewyks, K. Wegener
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionGerman

AbstractIntroduction to the physical and technical basics of oilhydraulic and pneumatic systems and their components as pumps, motors, cylinders and control valves, with emphasis on servo- and proportional techniques and feedback- controlled drives. In parallel an overview on application examples will be given
Objectivethe student
- can interpret and explain the function of an oilhydraulic or pneumatic system and can create basic circuit concepts
- can discribe the architecture and function of needed components and can select and design them to desired properties
- can simulate the dynamical behaviour of a servohydraulic cylinder- drive and can design an optimal state-feedback-control with observer
ContentSignificans of hydraulic and pneumatic systems, general definitions and typical application examples.
Review of important fluid-mechanical principles as compressibility, flow through orifices and friction losses in line-systems.
Components of hydraulic and pneumatic systems as pumps, motors, cylinders, control valves for direction, pressure and flow, proportional- and servo-valves, their function and structural composition.
Basic circuit concepts of hydraulic and pneumatic control systems.
Dynamical behaviour and state-feedback-control of servohydraulic and -pneumatic drives.
Design of a oilhydraulic drive-system
Measurement of the flow characteristic of an orifice, a pressure valve and a pump.
Simulation and experimental investigation of a state-feedback-controlled servo-cylinder-drive.
Lecture notesAutography Oelhydraulik
Skript Zustandsregelung eines Servohydraulischen Zylinderantriebes
Skript Elemente einer Druckluftversorgung
Skript Modellierung eines Servopneumatischen Zylinderantriebes
Prerequisites / NoticeThe course is suitable for students as of 5th semester.