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401-3001-61L  Algebraic Topology I

SemesterAutumn Semester 2017
LecturersW. Merry
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionEnglish

AbstractThis is an introductory course in algebraic topology. Topics covered include: the fundamental group, covering spaces, singular homology, cell complexes and cellular homology and the Eilenberg-Steenrod axioms. Along the way we will introduce the basics of homological algebra and category theory.
Lecture notesI will produce full lecture notes, available on my website at
Literature"Algebraic Topology" (CUP, 2002) by Hatcher is excellent and covers all the material from both Algebraic Topology I and Algebraic Topology II. You can also download it (legally!) for free from Hatcher's webpage:

Another classic book is Spanier's "Algebraic Topology" (Springer, 1963). This book is very dense and somewhat old-fashioned, but again covers everything you could possibly want to know on the subject.
Prerequisites / NoticeYou should know the basics of point-set topology (topological spaces, and what it means for a topological space to be compact or connected, etc).

Some (very elementary) group theory and algebra will also be needed.