103-0448-00L  Spatial and Infrastructural Development

SemesterSpring Semester 2018
LecturersB. Scholl
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionEnglish
CommentOnly for MSc Students or special approval by the lecturer.

AbstractThe lecture course addresses and by practical examples demonstrates advanced aspects of integrated spatial and infrastructure development, distinguished for a variety of infrastructures.
ObjectiveThe lecture continues the lecture “Sustainable Spatial Development I”. The lecture demonstrates aspects of integrated infrastructure and spatial development. The lecture concentrates on the technical infrastructures and their specific technical requirements and their impacts on the spatial development. The main focus is to demonstrate the impacts of a development strategy that is based on the requirements of these sometimes contradicting requirements. The aim is to demonstrate possibilities and chances of integrated development strategies.
Content- Basics of infrastructure development
- Strategies for integrated infrastructure and spatial development
- Capacity and dimensioning
- Streets
- Public transport
- Spatial and railway development
- Spatial and airport development
- Spatial, energy and communication infrastructure development
- Spatial and waters development
Lecture notesThe documents for the lecture can be found on the homepage of the chair for Spatial Development: http://www.raumentwicklung.ethz.ch/en/education/courses-spring.html
Prerequisites / NoticeOnly for masters students, otherwise a special permit of the lecturer is necessary.