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103-0318-02L  GIS-Based 3D Landscape Visualization

SemesterSpring Semester 2018
LecturersU. Wissen Hayek
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionGerman
CommentLimited number of participants.

Please send an email to the lecturer to make sure that places are still available.

AbstractConcepts, methods and techniques for 3D landscape visualization and their application in landscape and environmental planning. Practical application of a workflow for 3D landscape visualization. Reflection of relevant aspects such as the choice of viewpoints, the landscape sections, or the level of detail, and their effects on the perception of the visualized landscape.
ObjectiveThe main goals of this lab are (1) to know digital techniques for 3D landscape visualization, (2) to know different examples and application areas for GIS-based 3D landscape visualizations, (3) to establish software skills in 3D landscape visualization, and (4) to be able to explain principles of 3D landscape visualization, which are important for landscape and environmental planning situations, and to apply these for the evaluation or the planning of 3D landscape visualizations.
ContentThe lectures provide an introduction to the area of GIS-based 3D landscape visualization and on visualization principles. Examples of 3D landscape visualizations generated and applied in different projects are presented. The theoretical principles for 3D landscape visualization are further deepened in small exercises during the whole course. These exercises are organized in such a way, that a workflow for 3D landscape visualization can be reproduced. Thereby aspects such as the choice of viewpoints, the sections of a landscape, or the level of detail, and their effects on the perception of the visualized landscape are reflected.
Lecture notesHandouts of the slides used in the lectures will be made available for download.
Prerequisites / NoticeThe lectures will be given in German.