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103-0848-00L  Industrial Metrology and Machine Vision

SemesterSpring Semester 2018
LecturersK. Schindler, A. Wieser
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionEnglish

AbstractThis course introduces contact and non-contact techniques for 3D coordinate, shape and motion determination as used for 3D inspection, dimensional control, reverse engineering, motion capture and similar industrial applications.
ObjectiveUnderstanding the physical basis of photographic sensors and imaging; familiarization with a broader view of image-based 3D geometry estimation beyond the classical photogrammetric approach; understanding the concepts of measurement traceability and uncertainty; acquiring an overview of general 3D image metrology including contact and non-contact techniques (coordinate measurement machines; optical tooling; laser-based high-precision instruments).
ContentCCD and CMOS technology; structured light and active stereo; shading models, shape from shading and photometric stereo; shape from focus; laser interferometry, laser tracker, laser radar; contact and non-contact coordinate measurement machines; optical tooling; measurement traceability, measurement uncertainty, part tolerances; surface representations; case studies.
Lecture notesLecture slides and further literature will be made available on the course webpage.
Prerequisites / NoticeStudents should be familiar with basic photogrammetry, image processing, and geodetic metrology. Students who have not taken the compulsory courses of the ETH BSc curriculum in Geomatics and planning (or equivalent courses at another university) but want to take this course should contact the lecturers beforehand.