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151-0262-00L  Diagnostics in Experimental Combustion Research

SemesterSpring Semester 2015
LecturersK. Herrmann, K. Boulouchos, P. Obrecht, B. Schneider
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionGerman

AbstractThe course is an introduction with regard to different measurement techniques and diagnostical methods. After a first part of measurement technique fundamentals, the acquisition of important key parameter by sensors will be presented. The second major part of the course deals with non-intrusive optical (laser-)measurement techniques.
ObjectiveOverview about measurement techniques in general and specific optical methods used in experimental combustion research.
ContentPart I – fundamentals: experiment, measuring chain, signal- and data acquisition, processing and analysis.
Part II – measurement technique: principles (capacitive, inductive, magnetic, et al.), acquisition of different key parameter (velocity, force, pressure, temperature, tension, et al.) with probes and sensors.
Part III – optical measurement technique: fundamentals optics, sensors (CCD, CMOS, photodiode, et al.), optical techniques (scattered light, Shadow-imaging, Schlieren, et al.), in particular non-intrusive flow measurement (LDA/PDA, PIV), chemiluminescence & spectroscopic techniques (laser-induced fluorescence LIF; Raman, CARS, et al.), and other laser diagnostical methods (LII, Pyrometry, et al.).
Lecture notesHandout slides
Prerequisites / NoticeEnglish or German (based on request)