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751-6212-00L  Genetic Evaluation of Lifestock

SemesterSpring Semester 2015
LecturersC.  Baes
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionGerman

AbstractMethods for practical genetic evaluation in livestock populations are presentend and applied in assignments using small numerical examples. Applications in practical pig and cattle breeding are dealt with in guest lectures.
ObjectiveThe students know the most important methods used for genetic evaulation in livestock populations. They are able to apply these methods to simple examples.
Content- Selection index and BLUP
- The BLUP Multitrait Animal Model
- Genetic evaulation using maternal effekts
- Random Regression and the test day model
- Guest lectures on practical applications of genetic evaluation in pigs and cattle.
Lecture notesCopies of the slides are available on the net.
LiteratureTo be announced in the lectures.