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701-0972-00L  Introduction in Organic Farming Systems

SemesterSpring Semester 2015
LecturersO. Schmid, D. M. Dubois, P. J. Mäder, U. Niggli
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionGerman

The students shall:
- be familiar with the basic elements of ecological farming systems,
- be able to make comparisons between farming systems (organic, integrated, conventional)
Objectivesee Introduction text
ContentPART I: Introduction in Organic Farming Systems


1. Historical Development of farming systems and agropolicies in Switzerland
Lecturers: O. Schmid, D. Dubois

2. Basic princples and requirements organic farming and critrical analyis of roots of organic farming and other farming systems.
Lecturers: U. Niggli, O. Schmid


3. Sustainable rotations, fertilisation concepts and plant nutrition
Lecturers: D. Dubois, P. Mäder, O. Schmid

4. Careful soil tillage and non-chemical weed control
Lecturer: H.U. Dierauer

5. Soil fertility - Results from long-term trials
Lecturer: P. Mäder

6.Plant protection in arable crops and in horticulture
Lecturers: D. Dubois, C. Daniel

7. Biodiversity Promotion / Strategies for breeding and choice of varieties without Genetic Engineering
Lecturers: S. Stöckli, Monika Messmer


8. Animal friendly animal husbandry, breeding and feeding in the practise
Lecturer: E. Meili

9. Animal health and complementary veterinary medicine
Lecturer: M. Walkenhorst


10. Economic aspects of the conversion to organic farming: micro and macro-economic aspects
Lecturers: U. Niggli, O. Schmid

11. Marketdevelopment of label production IP and Organic
Date: P. Althaus (IP Suisse) / T. Richter, O. Schmid

12. Excursion Organic farm Dietikon
Farm manager: Samuel Spahn

13. Sustainability assessment
Lecturers: Ch. Schader, Otto Schmid

14. Examination (multiple choice written test, case study)
Lecture notesWritten manuskcripts from lecturers

Scripts can be downloaded from the web with an access code through MOODLE System:
Otto Schmid Otto and Robert Obrist Robert (2001): Biologischer Landbau. Landwirtschaftliche Lehrmittelzentrale, Zollikofen, 267 pp (in German)

Nic Lampkin Nic, Measures Mark and Padel Susanne (2006): Organic Farm Management Handbook. University of Wales, Aberystwyth. 240pp
Prerequisites / NoticeThis course is a precondition for the participation in the Part II en bloc "Comparison of ecological farming systems"

The course can be taken alone without the Part II

Conditions for the credit points is a test.

Part I: 14 times 2 weekly lectures
Part II: one study week with excursions, exercices and workshops (end of spring semester).